Tuesday, February 22, 2011

location, location, location

Yesterday we walked parts of the farm to scout out possible garden sites. There are three possible sites that are close to the house. One of them being right out the back door, the other would be right behind the stone house (changing its name to the garden house) and the last possibility would be in a field next to the house. The back yard site would be very convenient, but I wouldn't be able to make it as big as I want it to be. No room for future growth in other words. If we ever did build an actual house on the farm the garden would have to be moved. However, it would be protected from the wind and would be awfully handy. The site behind the stone house would also not allow for growth in the future because of our plans for a gazebo and swim dock. However, it would allow me to store garden things in the stone house basement and there would be the retaining wall there for protection from critters as well as the stone house. The site in the field would be the best site for future expansion of the garden and I'd be able to lay it out according to the blue print you can see pictured. I got my inspiration from a lady in KY whose garden you can also see pictured. Today the girls helped me brainstorm what to plant in the garden. We made a collage as you can see. This got them excited about our future garden and our responsibilities as gardeners...now to pick a location. Feel free to place your vote for a stone house garden, back yard garden or no limits field garden! Farmer Sarah needs some input!

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