Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whoa Nelly!

If you haven't already heard through the grapevine, we are moving back to town! That's right, I just can't hack it out here! Deep down, I think Justin was over it too...there are just so many aspects of a farm that require careful attention and care. When you have 3 kids to care for those cows, chickens, garden weeds etc etc become neglected and nag at you. Once you finally get out there to tend to "some" of what needs to be done you really only do a half way job and will have to redo it later. What I'm trying to say is its not simple. We moved out here to simplify and thus far my life has moved to the opposite end of that continuim. I actually don't think I want to be on the simplified end either after being out here. I think I'll strive for somewhere in the middle. My need for action and adventure won't allow me to completely simplify I have a feeling. So its back to the city lights we go! We'll be back though, for weekend country adventures. But for now, my HOA and community pool are calling my name!