Monday, August 1, 2011

We are all settled into the old house, which is now the new house, and it feels great to be back! Olivia starts Kindergarten in 17 days and she is very excited. She is begging to ride the bus to school, which is so close to our house I might just be able to let her! 5 years ago I would have probably thrown up my prenatal vitamin at the thought of my precious baby riding without a seat belt or car seat with other kids who no doubt carry toxic levels of germs. However, in light of school starting, there are always lessons to be learned. Over the past 5 years I have learned that the more I let go and say yes to harmless things like the school bus, the more joy everyone experiences. I will get to stay home while Olivia harasses the bus driver until they let her win for everyone! Seriously though, she will have the time of her life on the bus while I cry through a box of Kleenex. Other lessons that have been learned here lately are so simple (do you get the irony here?!) that even my 5 year old bus rider can put it together. "We should have just stayed put" is how Olivia layed it out for me. The hard and fast truth is we should have just stayed put, or to put a more positive spin on it, we should strive to be content where we are with what we have. Even when Green Acres is staring you down, calling your name (Justin's name...I never heard it call mine) we should evaluate our blessings and be content with them. I'll admit, my downfall in the whole move was the granite counter tops. How retarded that a slab of rock tempted me enough to uproot my kids, stuff, dog and move to the middle of NOWHERE. Ironic that my simple Formica lured me back...not really, but the lesson I have learned through this process is to just be content...or as Mary Engelbreit said on a coffee mug once, "Bloom where you are planted." So in the name of country, cowboys and cowgirls, we are going to grow a garden in our back yard right here on the 14th hole of the golf course and make the country proud! We are going to be content with what we have here in the city and exercise the life skills we learned on the farm. We might even raise a chicken or two as long as Maples Properties doesn't find out! We are going to have the best of both worlds Miley Cirus and as the big yellow bus pulls away from Deer Lake you'll hear Olivia holler, "Yehaw!"