Friday, April 15, 2011

Windex and Sunscreen

The story begins in McAlester, OK. Daniel (my brother) and I were young kids (I was probably 10 and Daniel 7). We were sleeping over at my Grandmommie's house, or we suppost to be anyways. There wasn't much sleep to be had after we saw not one, but three HUGE spiders crawl out from under a night stand that was nestled right next to the bed. We both jumped up in search of something to put the creepy crawlies to death with but were both so chicken that we didn't want to have to touch them. So, we raided my Grandmommie's cleaning cabinet and found what we knew would kill the spiders, yet not stain her carpet...Windex! We sprayed the suckers down and wouldn't you know, they shriveled up and died! Success! Fast forward 2 decades later and I'm still having similar showdowns here at the Ponderosa. It was just last night that I couldn't sleep. Too much dark chocolate after 3 P.M. will do that apparently. I figured this out during my 5th trip to the bathroom...I also figured out that I had company. I could here a clicking sound that seemed to be coming from my bathroom vanity, but when I put my ear up to the cabinet door I discovered it was coming from the wall behind the vanity. I wish I could tell you it was just a big spider like I saw at my Grandmommie's house, but no...what I heard was the sound of critter teeth! I know, it was awful and it was trying to get into my bathroom. So, I scoured my bathroom for something harsh and aerosol...bada bing, bada boom I found the sunscreen. I slid as far under the vanity as I could, found a crack around the water pipe and emptied the can of UVA protection hopefully drowning the critter! It worked beautifully, but I mean business...if I hear critter teeth again tonight my pepper spray is ready and waiting! This must be one of the joys of country living! Yehaw!

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