Sunday, April 10, 2011

antonym of Simplify

That would be chaos! The opposite of simplify is chaos. Simplification is a mere dot on the horizon right now at the ponderosa...we have come out of our winter hibernation and tackled every project possible all at once! Why are us Hayden people so prone to that? We saw the sun and took off running for the green house, lumber yard, corn fields etc. etc. As you can see in the photos, Olivia has been gardening in her jammies, Brody has been sampling the dirt we are planting in and Sydney...well she is usually the one that I am running around looking for! The kids scatter as soon as the door opens! So far, Farmer JD and Kris have dug the flower beds, our newest addition Farmer Pam has planted most Holly bushes, hostas, knock out roses to name a few. I am excited to see the finished project! And of course, I will post finished flower bed pictures. The corn fields however won't be seen for awhile...the veggie garden too for that matter. Can't wait to see that project take off too! When that is all done, what will I do next?? I will come up with something that is for sure!

Now for the cat...Why is Bunny in this post? Well, she had an adventure this week that brought tears to Farmer Justin's eyes. That's right, he cried when we couldn't find her! The story goes a little something like this: Justin, Kris and Bob went fishing. They got home late, long after I had put the cat and dog in the garage for the night. When they arrived they opened the garage letting Bunny out. Bunny eventually found her way into Bob's car. Bob became tired so he decided to head home (with Bunny!). He discovered her after he had drove off, so he let her out near the back of the property instead of bringing her back to the house...assuming she was an old farm cat that knew every acre of the farm. However, Bunny is just a kitten and was once an inside cat before she was a farm cat. She doesn't have a clue about nature let alone how to survive the night. Bob told Justin what he had done and Justin too assumed Bunny would find her way home. The next morning when she was nowhere in sight, he (Justin) began to cry. "I loved that cat," he sobbed. We were both sad, mostly because Bunny is Olivia's baby and breaking that news to her would be the worse part of Bunny missing. So, Justin and Kris took off on the 4-wheeler while the kids and I took off with the jogging stroller hollering for her. When our efforts were obviously in vain, we changed up our search party tactics. We all piled in the car and drove around the farm hollering some more. Finally, I got out with Sydney near the spot where Bob let Bunny out. We stood there hollering for her and I swore I heard a cat noise, but Sydney is two and noisy. Finally, another search party member drove up to help. Nick, our friend and the mechanic was on the scene. He was not even out of his truck for 30 seconds (no exaggeration) when his ears perked up. He said, "do you hear that?" And the next thing I know he was running, then climbing a tree. He was half way up the tree before I saw Bunny at least 30 feet up in the air and stuck! Nick got her down and put her in the arms of a very happy Olivia! Thanks Nick! Now the explanation of Bunny in the jogging stroller...that is her bed! And this picture was taking after she was rescued! We are glad to have her is true what they don't know what you have until it is gone...almost gone in our case! I love Bunny, but didn't realize it until I thought she was gone forever! Sniff sniff and yehaw!

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