Friday, April 1, 2011


The new 411 at the ponderosa is as follows: The garden is going next to the you can see in the picture it is not much yet. We will be getting to that soon, probably, maybe. The two little trees are going to stay as they will serve as some decor to my garden; possible shade too. The Hayden Machinery Shop is underway as you can see in the photo. The poles have been dug and set; praise the Lord! The clutter and fumes are ruffling this hens feathers. Can't wait for my barn house to look like a real home and not a shop. Speaking of hens, the chicks are nearly grown and are living in the coop now (as pictured with the girls and Bunny). They like it just fine I assume...nothing has tried to kill them yet so life is good! Waiting for eggs...we have months to wait, but waiting nonetheless. That is all for now, yehaw!

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  1. Better get to movin'! We already have lettuce, onions, and potatoes coming up. Today Tom planted the corn, tomatoes, and grean beans.