Friday, March 4, 2011

Ponderosa update

A few new developments going on here at the ponderosa. 1) We are getting day old chicks tomorrow, should be interesting! 2) We now have 5 (soon to be 4) cows. George's days are numbered (ground chuck and filets for everyone and organic matter for my garden). Hariet, Ivory, Rocket and Sally are the newbies out here. They are really pretty, much healthier looking than our last heard. 3) Olivia released her pet frog Sally (ironic name I know) when she discovered it wasn't eating the dead flies she placed in the container for her. She was worried it might starve to death so she reluctantly let it go this afternoon. 4) Olivia is going to have milk cows at her Hollywood home. She decided this today! 5) The pad for Justin's shop is underway and his office will be out of the kitchen very soon (who hoo!)! Pictures of the critters to follow!

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