Thursday, March 10, 2011


Add to the list of critters living out here at the Ponderosa a cat...her name is Bunny! She snuggles Olivia the most and seems to favor her even though she puts that cat through some rather rigorous "training" sessions! So far Bunny has learned to shake and roll her head to Olivia's specific commands! Its pretty entertaining! However, Olivia is VERY allergic to cats...she is breaking out into hives, sneezing, runny nose etc. anytime she spends a lot of time in Bunny's face, which is most of the time...what to do what to do. We need a mouser, but Justin too has cat allergies. I should mention that I didn't bring her into the house to be an inside cat. She was given to us by a friend who tried to break her into the outdoors, but she has been an inside cat most of her life. She is a good inside cat too. Dilemma! Here are some pictures of Bunny and the 5 chicks we took in, all in the same day!

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