Friday, May 7, 2010

We're really doing it Harry!

Justin just informed me that in order to work out at the farm he will need to wear Wrangler Jeans instead of his Big Star Jeans or Armani Jeans...gasp, we're really doing it Harry! This signifies the final step into farmerhood. Justin is officially "one of them" aka "a farmer." So, when people ask me what my husband does I suppose I'll have to mention that right after I say that he sells heavy equipment. However, I will not be farming, only gardening. I will tag along to take care of cattle and whathaveyou strickly for fun on random special occasions! Here are some pictures of the cows whiles we're on the topic...cow #16 is special as she can spin in circles and recognize the truck when Justin and Kris drive up with grain! She will also eat out of their hands and acts as if she wants to rub noses with Justin! I have also included a picture of the female cow Olivia named Roger and her mom.

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