Friday, March 26, 2010

chickens and cows

So, you want to know the recipe for becoming a farmer? Well, you're in the right blog spot because I've got it! Take one man, one sale barn and 5 cows and viola! You've got yourself an instant farmer! Justin followed the recipe and found great success with it not to mention is loving his new role as a farmer! He (but he'll say WE) is the proud owner of 12 cows and a baby calf, Roger (who is really a girl, but this detail doesn't matter to Olivia!). Thats right, 12 cows! He loved the first five cows so much that he went and bought 7 more! They are all really big, slimy and have bald spots...not what I was expecting, but they are blending into the scenery there at the farm quiet nicely! WE are really excited about the other 4 baby calves that should be on their way anytime and the prospect of eating farm fresh beef! WE are so excited in fact that the idea has now branched out to include farm chickens! In an attempt to take things slowly with the transition from common folk to farm folk, I have requested that we press pause on the chicken thought. They should have a house first and someone to take care of them, collect eggs and give them proper names (which will be farmer Olivia). So, for now WE are farmers living in the city while our shome (shop/home) is being framed. Check back in the next couple of days and take a gander at the progress being made! It should be a pretty neat little shouse (shop/house)!

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